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YBA Passion A650 Power Amplifier

Frais de port OFFERTS pour la France et la Belgique sur ce produit

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6 750 €

YBA Passion A650 Power Amplifier

Ce que Noir et blanc en dit ...

Undeniably one of the most striking pieces in the YBA product portfolio, the Passion A650 is a superbly engineered power amplifier boasting a simple yet elegant design. The stunning heatsink design captures the imagination of everyone who sees it.

With nothing to detract from the front panel display, full control is managed from the remote handset. Even the power switch is not immediately visible, cleverly located under the front left hand side. The display can be dimmed to suit personal tastes through three levels of brightness to off.

As you would expect from an amplifier of this quality, it can be bridged - providing a hefty 600 W into 8 Ohms. In stereo mode it outputs 200 W into 8 Ohms.

With RCA, balanced stereo and balanced mono inputs, plus two pairs of speaker outputs, this amplifier suits the most discerning buyers. The accompanying pre-amplifier provides an array of inputs ensuring every possible requirement is catered for.


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Disponibilité : Disponible en 2-3 jours

Garantie : 2 ans

Marque : YBA

YBA Passion A650 Power Amplifier

Power output

Audio outputs

Line inputs


Frequency response

Power supply


Display brightness

Remote control


Dimensions w x h x d


Stereo 200W/8Ω     400W/4Ω

Mono 600W/8Ω Bridged

2 pairs speaker outputs

1 RCA input, 1 balanced input (stereo)

1 balanced input (mono)


20 Hz - 20 kHz (-0.5dB)

Linear power supply with high performance  

Ul-core  transformer 1000 VA

VU Meter

Adjustable from remote - 4 levels including off

Full function

Natural aluminium

430 x 397 x 178 mm    

25 kg

Audio Output Information

The Passion 650 has two sets of audio outputs which will give different results depending on which is used.

Output A  has a high damping factor which will provide a very clear sound.

Output B  with a lower damping factor will provide a ‘sweeter’ sound (more like a tube).