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YBA Passion PRE 550 Preamplifier DAC

Frais de port OFFERTS pour la France et la Belgique sur ce produit

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7 500 €

YBA Passion PRE 550 Preamplifier DAC

Ce que Noir et blanc en dit ...

This pre amplifier is packed full of features and with its amazing array of inputs, you can be safe in the knowledge that this will not be outdated any time soon.

The front panel has two traditional YBA designed switches controlling the phase and mute operations. The phase switch generates a 180º phase shift between the input and output signals. There are two remaining rotary controls - one for volume and one for input selection. The display, again a traditional YBA design, is both elegant and informative. 

The rear panel highlights all this product has to offer. There are the standard analog input and output features you would expect in a high class pre amplifier with both RCA and balanced connections. In addition the 550 provides 7 digital inputs, along with Ethernet connection.  AirPlay is also available.

An innovative upgrade was introduced late in 2014 to both the integrated amplifier and the pre-amplifier.  With both products offering a selection of analog and digital inputs and outputs, it is possible to switch off the digital section completely if you are a purely analog devotee. 


With two Cirrus Logic CS4398 DACs on board it is of course ideally suited for use with the Passion CDT 450 CD Transport or the Passion CD 430 CD Player. To use your PC as a sound source with the Passion PRE 550, you will need to download a driver. You can find the link below.

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Disponibilité : Disponible en 2-3 jours

Garantie : 2 ans

Marque : YBA

YBA Passion PRE 550 Preamplifier DAC

Power output

Audio outputs

Line inputs


Frequency response

Power supply


Display brightness

Remote control


Dimensions w x h x d


Stereo 200W/8Ω     400W/4Ω

Mono 600W/8Ω Bridged

2 pairs speaker outputs

1 RCA input, 1 balanced input (stereo)

1 balanced input (mono)


20 Hz - 20 kHz (-0.5dB)

Linear power supply with high performance  

Ul-core  transformer 1000 VA

VU Meter

Adjustable from remote - 4 levels including off

Full function

Natural aluminium

430 x 397 x 178 mm    

25 kg

Audio Output Information

The Passion 650 has two sets of audio outputs which will give different results depending on which is used.

Output A  has a high damping factor which will provide a very clear sound.

Output B  with a lower damping factor will provide a ‘sweeter’ sound (more like a tube).