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Noir et Blanc est un magasin de matériel hifi, home-cinéma, TV et vidéo basé à Bruxelles. Le magasin propose principalement du matériel hifi haut de gamme mais également tout un assortiment de produits de qualité qui peuvent également être achetés en ligne, par internet. 

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Most of us have experienced a situation where on the one hand we felt like listening to our favorite music and enjoying a high-quality, audiophile sound and on the other hand we struggled not to bother anyone around us or not being disrupted by activities surrounding us. In this case, it seems that more and more are considering choosing headphones as the best way to go. Having that in our mind, we started designing a headphone amplifier, which would offer the desired sound, regardless of the quality of your headphones. It would upgrade your sound experience no matter if you use a cheap or a high quality, expensive pair of headphones. And since we are into tubes, what else could be most suitable from offering a full tube OTL headphone amplifier? First of all, you can use the preamplifier output as it is, having a really audiophile preamplifier to connect your power amp of your system. And what else can you do? HPA offers two analog inputs and one direct usb input, so you can potentially connect almost any device…. In other words, you have a headphone amplifier and a DAC in the same device! Just connect your laptop and your headphones and enjoy your music collection without compromising the audiophile sound. As every LAB12 device, the full tube OTL headphone amplifier is a solid, fully handcrafted device with luxury, metal paint finishing. We want you to enjoy what you see as much as what you hear. That’s why HPA have this great success and anyone who had the chance to listen to it, even for a while, just loved it…

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Marque : LAB 12


OTL tube headphone amplifier 3x 6N1P tubes (matched output pair) Blue Velvet ALPS Potentiometer Handcrafted audio grade transformers Special Audio Grade parts in every stage Five seperate regulated Power Supplies SRSG® implementation Gold plated Teflon rca connectors Gold plated tube sockets Analog retro nissei VU meter 5mm Aluminum face panel with luxury painting 2 analog, RCA line inputs 1 analog RCA line Preamp output 1 USB input Coaxial output (from USB input) 5mm Aluminum face panel with luxury painting Five Years Guarantee Specifications: Power: 230/240 Vac 50Hz (1A fused) Power consumption: 70 VA Input impedance: 50K ohm Output impedance: 32-600 ohm Frequency response: 5 Hz to 100K Hz (-3dB) Available colors: Etna Black, Pearl White, Custom color Dimension (WxHxD): 32x11x29 cm Weight: 6 Kg