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Noir et Blanc est un magasin de matériel hifi, home-cinéma, TV et vidéo basé à Bruxelles. Le magasin propose principalement du matériel hifi haut de gamme mais également tout un assortiment de produits de qualité qui peuvent également être achetés en ligne, par internet. 

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Ce que Noir et blanc en dit ...

The build quality of this superb power amplifier is exceptional, featuring two solid pieces of aluminium casing. The appearance is refreshingly understated with no control buttons to be seen and an oval level indicator taking us to times past.

Capable of  600 W into 8 Ohms in bridged mode, this amp is certainly not lacking power! Featuring XLR inputs in both stereo and mono together with an RCA stereo input, the amplifier has 2 sets of outputs per channel.

The Signature amplification production is such that many of the electronic components require hand assembly. With parts originating in France, the expertise and sensitivity required in the production of Signature is of paramount importance. It is therefore constantly and carefully monitored through the entire production processes.

With all components specified by Yves-Bernard André, when production is finalised he then personally auditions each and every piece and when satisfied provides individual signed certification. 

Whilst Signature is not inexpensive, for the money, especially when paired with the Signature pre-amp and CD player, you would be

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Disponibilité : Disponible en 7 jours

Garantie : 2 ans

Marque : YBA




Audio outputs


Sampling rate


Frequency response

THD+N (20 Hz - 20 kHz)

Power supply



Dimension w x d x h


3 digital (USB, Optical, Coaxial), 5 RCA analog,  1 phono, 

1 balanced analog


2 RCA outputs    1 balanced output

+6 dB

Input signal  32,  44.1,  48,  88.2,  96,  176.4,  192kHz/24 Bits

>105 dB

20 Hz - 20 kHz (-0.5 dB)


Linear power supply with high performance transformer 190 VA

112,800uF Analog power capacitors

Full function

430mm x 388mm x 151mm