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Noir et Blanc est un magasin de matériel hifi, home-cinéma, TV et vidéo basé à Bruxelles. Le magasin propose principalement du matériel hifi haut de gamme mais également tout un assortiment de produits de qualité qui peuvent également être achetés en ligne, par internet. 


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Isotek EVO3 Genesis

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Isotek EVO3 Genesis

Ce que Noir et blanc en dit ...

There are a number of devices already on the market that are commonly referred to as ‘mains regenerators’. Typically, these attempt to synthesise an ‘ideal’ mains sine wave by subjecting the incoming mains supply to a 50Hz ‘template’. The effectiveness of these regeneration systems is at least partially dependent upon the level of distortion of the incoming supply.

IsoTek’s Genesis is distinctly different. Unlike existing regenerators, it builds a completely new sign wave with two 300W generation engines running in class AB, giving a total output of 600W of continuous, newly generated power built within an extremely low-distortion sine wave generator. Two class AB amplifiers then amplify this signal; these have high-quality output transformers with copper foil between the primary and secondary output, thus preventing distortion and noise passing through the unit.

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Garantie : 2 ans

Marque : Isotek

Isotek EVO3 Genesis

Ultimate high-end power conditioner

Suitable for all 'front-end' audio and AV components

4 high quality 24ct gold plated EU & US outlets as well as UK option

Unique ISIS resonance control system

High quality IsoTek Extreme input cable included